2020 Is Coming, How Would You Get Out Of The Rat Race DC019

2020 Is Coming, How Would You Get Out Of The Rat Race DC019

00:37       Welcome, welcome. Welcome to another wonderful episode of the Diaspora chiefs podcast. Today just going to be about some personal reflection, well actually it started my own podcast if you, a few months ago after the diaspora entrepreneurs growth summit, 2019 earlier this year, the response on the participation was so great. It was so amazing and your attendance was fantastic. So I realized that you see the people that I’m trying to serve, they are not really cared for or properly looked after, which is the African and Caribbean small businesses. Most of the stories are not being told in the right way. Their successes are not being covered the right way. We have amazing, amazing entrepreneurs from the African and Caribbean community who needs, who needs their story to be, to, to inspire the next generation of African and Caribbean entrepreneurs. They’re not being covered by the mainstream media.

01:36                    That is why I said, you know what, let me like put my foot into these, into this sector and see if I can like shine more light on various aspect of the diaspora but is using digital tools to help their businesses to grow or to use that to help their businesses to be more visible. And there are lots of them out there, small businesses from the African and Caribbean community. Woo. Actually having tribe in businesses who are starting up great and amazing stuff all on the digital space. I saw these as my passion because I love talking about businesses. I love talking about business development, marketing, sales, finding your niche and those kinds of amazing stuff. For me, business is fun. So some weeks ago, my son

02:29                    after doing an episode,

02:32                    Oh, the diaspora brushes podcast. My soul came to me and say, calm. That. Why are you doing this? And my daughter’s like first came in on board with the same question. Yes, that’s why you’re doing the podcast. I said, well, you know what, there’s so many negative stuff being said about the Africans and the Caribbean. I see. If we, uh,

02:52                    okay, let me not go there as if we are. I think we are kind of leeches. Whereas there’s so many, many, they’re like 95% of those who are actually doing amazing stuff in the UK, in Europe, in America and Canada. We’re doing amazing stuff. We are educated people, we are learned, people. We are, we are fantastic people and whatever we’ve, we’ve set our mind to, we actually achieve them without any barriers, without any institutional roadblocks. You see, so do the web. The internet has given us a level playing field now for each and every one of us to like be more responsible. Well, you can broadcast yourself from any part of the world really Tivoli cheap and you can actually target whoever you want to target. I mean, talk to whoever you want to talk to. I mean send your message to defend your message directly to who you want your message to go. If you have a service or a product that you’ve created and you know you’re not like Coca Cola or you know like BMW who has a big budget to go on mainstream media. See the internet has given us a level playing field whereby you can take your product and your services and Chanel it towards whoever you want to. So when it comes to selling your products and services or market your skews, you have to be more strategic about that. So I told myself you want to be a YouTuber. Now you can actually create videos

04:43                    that is targeted towards your audience. So for your playgroup, he likes, I’m playing, what’s it called, the roadblocks or gotcha. Or one of those kinds of Fontes that he plays online because of the times that we are right now, we’ve been blessed that we have this amazing tool right in front of us that we use every day. Mindlessly. Great in this podcast is trend is me sharing the light that this is what is possible for you.

05:18                    But having an amazing conversation with amazing guests, you know, now that this is what is possible for you, that you can do anything that you actually want to do and you can target the right people that you want to target. When I mean target that is you can define your audience and just point your message towards them. That is what I mean by targeting. You point your message towards the right people that you want them. You want to listen to your stuff because your message is not for everyone. Like you know, I’m talking about my son, he creates, he has the um, he, he, he, he has a YouTube channel called. Gotcha. Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha man. On one of them stuff. One of those men is Gasha guy. Yeah. So your gusher guy is for, is for your age group that plays with cartoons. So please with roadblocks kind of stuff.

06:11                    So you have your roblox community that you have your WhatsApp group that you talk about the rule book. So you talk about stuff. So I’m really interested in roblox, so those kinds of stuff. But the reason I started this podcast is so that it brings to our awareness, my message is not for everyone. It brings to our awareness that listen, we can actually start doing stuff online because it cost us nothing to get these skews which we already have in the first place. There are so many, there’s so many skills that you have right now that you can live with the power of the internet with the power of social media. If you, if your business is, if your business is the, is a B to B business, which is service-based businesses and you can target people, you can get more clients from LinkedIn and if your business is product-based businesses where people need to actually visualize the product and see all those kind of um, the way they put the ease and feel it online and see you use Facebook and Instagram.

07:21                    There are so many tools out there that you can actually live which increased our business growth. There are so many businesses that you can start online that requires less than a hundred dollars. We have tools like we have sites or platforms like Fiverr, Upwork whereby you can actually can get a logo done. You can get designs done, you can get your minimum viable product, you can get your website done. As cheap as this is just basic for as low as five pounds, so it is really, really low. The barrier of entry is really, really low. It’s really, really low for you to start off. I’m telling you, you can get more clients on LinkedIn. You can get clients on Instagram, you can get clients or you’re going to get sales on Instagram. You can get serious on Facebook. That is the times that we are living right now. We have Africans and Caribbeans all over the world where you can actually target what they’re interested in.

08:22                    That is why I started this Facebook. Sorry. That’s why I started this podcast in the first place. Most of us have families back home and also family here. Wherever we are living in Europe, in America, in Asia, in Australia, we are family back home as well. Whom majority of us take care of. We have our family here right now who we still take care of. So now this double economy that we are running, we are running like two households. We’re about, we have to send money back to our parents back home or our relatives back home and we are still here. We need money like we need finance, we need cash to do that. So the easiest thing for you to do if you’re, if you’re an organized person, the easiest thing for you to do is to become a VA. If you’re, if you’re an accountant, you can look for clients who works their bookkeeping for two hours in a day or two hours a week.

09:13                    You help the business person do their books. So there are so many businesses that you can do online wishes. You can start selling eBooks online because that’s what they want. Skills that you have right now. You can, you can actually repackage it and monetize it. You can say you can send your skills online, you can become a freelance photographer for magazines. In short, I didn’t mean to do this right now or thinking about doing this on maybe next week or so. Well, let me just tell you about five business models that you can do right now online. Five business models that you can do right now online. You can start your own social media agency. You can become a social media marketing consultant, you can sell affiliate products. It doesn’t have to be your products that you can sell. It can become a social media influencer.

10:03                    What will it cost you? Just start talking about how you become an influencer. Just start talking about things that you’re so passionate about that you are expert on or document your journey. And lastly, you can become an equity partner for a business, not necessarily yours, but you can identify a business that is struggling and you can leverage your skew so that they can increase their business from it with you having a share of the company, say 10 20 30% that is what I mean by equity partners and you can do that right now. It doesn’t have to be your products. So these are five businesses that you can do right now. Just those what? What do you like to do? What do you like to do? You can actually start doing this right now, these five businesses that I just mentioned, these five business model that I just mentioned, social media agency, social media marketing course, you can sell affiliate products, you can become a social media influencer.

10:56                    You can become an equity partner for any type of business that you are passionate about. So my people, my friends, my friends, my desperate achieves. This is what I have to tell you today. This is the reason why I started this podcast in the first place and I’m having an amazing time. I get to talk to people that I, that I like to talk to. I get to talk to people who are doing amazing stuff, who started a business from nothing, from, from the kitchen table and now they are showcasing their products worldwide. I get excited talking to these people because I learned a lot from talking to them and talking about our story or my podcast gives me so much joy. Now, what are you going to do? I’ve started mine. What are you going to do? 2020 is around the corner is going to come.

11:47                    Whether you like it or not, you better start taking actions. Now duly patient is for your future is you, so you have to own it and take a hundred percent responsibility of whatever you’re doing right now. No one is coming to save you. Oh yeah. You say you see, yeah, you’re Christian or you’re Muslim. Listen, the Bible says, watch and pray. Kneel down, close your eyes and pray. No. Watch and pray. What do you want? Watch out or what do you, what do you want? Then pray and also faith without works. 2020 is coming or are you going to do about it? If you remember back, back home when we’re in primary school or secondary school and we have to do our final exams, see when primary one, two, three, I’ll have to do our final exams to go to the next level and when do you feel the exams? You don’t progress to the next level. It’ll go from two to three. If your child had to fill an exam in primary two or primary three, they need to remain and repeat us in class on two. They have to pass it. So imagine your child feeling that class two times filling to go to the next level from three to four and remain on three for the next two years. You would be very, very upset with your child and like you want to prevent everything necessary for your child to go to the next level.

13:25                    You have to like employ private tutors, give them private lessons, all kinds of support just for them to be more equipped to pass the exams. I go to the next level. So now flip that to you. You’ve been on this mode now, this job, now, this state now for the past two years, three years, really wanted to do something different. Are you feeling stuck about going to the next level, 2020 to come in? What are you doing? Anything or not? But if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines to wishing and waiting for someone to push you, nobody’s coming to push you. Nobody’s coming to like poke you. Nobody’s coming to like grab you and shake you. But if this is the shaking that you actually want to meet, you need to get extra support. You can’t do that by yourself. You can’t go to 2020 with the same mindset of 2018 or 2019 do you need to start planning for not planning?

14:24                    Start taking actions for 2020 for what you want to materialize in 2020 to start taking actions right now. You should have done it like two months ago, but you need to start planning right now. Don’t wait for twin though, with for January 1st to say, yes, this year is my year of these. My year that nots not going to work. That is just pure BS. It’s not going to work. So start taking actions right now. You don’t want to go to 2020 with that same old mindset. No, you need to start. So my dad’s spreadsheets, if you need any help, any support regarding how to fine tune your businesses, how to know what you actually want to do. I know some people who are experts in those fields that can help you clarify your vision, clarify your focus, clarify to clarify your product. It will to get clients. I know I know people who can actually help you do that. To get clients on LinkedIn, to get clients on Facebook, to get clients on Instagram, I know who can help you to do the surf it will to go even just to get clarity on what to do. Come in 2020 just send me a message on my website, Victorosioh@oneaccessmedia.com or go to www.diasporachiefs.com or Connect with me on LinkedIn, Victor Osioh, @Instagram – Victor Osioh @diasporachiefs, Facebook.com/Victor Osioh connect with me so we can help you plan your 2020 thank you very much. 


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