Don't Move Back Until You Have a Recurring Income Strategy 

One of our greatest fears as diasporans considering moving to

Africa to become founders is how to create a predictable income in the West and move to Africa like a boss.

Looking for some recurring income inspiration?

The thought of what to do when we move back to Africa is a thought that seats uneasily in our minds.

Africa has changed with improving Internet penetration and increasing connectivity.

You can run your business anywhere within the continent. These digital product ideas require almost zero start up capital but 100% ingenuity & resourcefulness.

Your skills and your stories can be converted into products. Run your digital products business from anywhere in Africa.

This ebook gives you a clear understanding of the new ways to do busines in today’s business climate.

Create a lifestyle business or a startup and work towards something great!

Inside this offer, you'll find 24 digital products and service ideas that:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A digital business is a business model that is primarily run over the internet. For example, Airbnb is completely online but owns no building. The owners can be living in Africa while running the day to day activities of the business from their laptops.

Absolutely! I’m just sharing some free knowledge that I hope you’ll find useful.

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Explore 24 digital products ideas you can start now and run from anywhere in Africa.