#56. Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast Intro wt Victor Osioh

#56. Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast Intro wt Victor Osioh

Welcome to the Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast, the Diaspora Entrepreneurs podcast is an entrepreneurial podcast for Africans and Caribbeans in the diaspora, who wants to be in charge of their lives and have the confidence to challenge their economic realities by leveraging digital tools to create wealth & an unshakeable mindset.

I am an advocate of moving to Africa to build Africa, while creating re occurring revenue digitally. My guest are over achievers, risk-takers, doers from the African & Caribbean community and key people of interest that I learn from 

The Diaspora Entrepreneurs Podcast is available on Sportify, Apple Itunes, Google Podcast, www.diasporachiefs.com/blog, and other major platforms.

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Be Great. 


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