#62. 6 Surprising Habits of High Productive African Diasporan Entrepreneurs

#62. 6 Surprising Habits of High Productive African Diasporan Entrepreneurs

6 Surprising Things Highly Productive African and Caribbean People Do Differently

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Moving forward, I would be doing monthly themes as this month is on High Perfomance, i have interviewed and networked with very high productive & high achievers and also as a Mental Strength Coach, i could see some pattern of which i would like to share with you on this brief episode.

When it comes to productivity, everyone faces the same challenge; there are only 24 hours in a day.

However, some people seem to have twice that amount of time, even a hundred times more and an uncanny ability to get things done. They can reach their goals without fail.

On this episode, i presented 6(six) habits that highly productive African diapora achievers do differently that can be implented by any entrepreneur daily.

They Never Touch Things Twice; People who are highly productive, never put anything in a holding pattern, because touching things more than once is a massive waste of time. Delegate it, Act on it or Delete it. Period

These and other strategies i shared also you can download my FREE Clarity Guide to help you overcome being overwhelm.



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