About Us

Diaspora Chiefs started as an idea. We saw that a vast majority of Africans and the Caribbean in Diaspora suffer in their bid to make ends meet, care for family, or survive. That was the beginning of this great innovation, but we didn’t stop there, we added action to thought and as a result, launched this fantastic website. Poverty is a state of mind, and unless the spirit of Africans and Caribbean’s in Diaspora change as pertaining wealth and money making, they will continue to lack. Digital Technology is a world unknown to so many people, and we have taken out time to unravel the mystery in podcasts. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi; “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Teaching Africans and Caribbean’s sustainable ways to generate income online and live a profitable digital live style is satisfying and refreshing. We love doing what we do!

About Host

I’m the Host of Diaspora Chief’s, an award-winning podcast where I interview inspiring African and Caribbean Entrepreneurs to help you on your journey to living an independent digital lifestyle!

I am an efficient event producer, with over a decade of experience producing and co-producing over 150 African and Caribbean technology-focused events across Caribbean countries and the Diaspora USA and the UK for entrepreneurs and executives of all stripes. A genuine enthusiast for inspiring Entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams! Victor Osioh has been inspiring entrepreneurs for over ten years now and always brings the HEAT!

I have the keen ability to translate your vision into accessible, practical, and tangible results. Victor Osioh professional experience as a speaker/moderator for technology panel and events on topics covering tech, digital trends, women in tech, entrepreneurship and innovation and has spoken at events in the Caribbean, UK, Europe and Africa adds a creative spark to this talented duo. My goal with Diaspora Chief’s is to deliver the inspiration and strategies you need to fire up your entrepreneurial journey and create the digital life you’ve always dreamed of by building a future of real financial freedom.

Key Strength

  • Strong business development capabilities with European experience
  • Highly qualified and efficient technology-focused event producer
  • Experienced expert in new Digital Trends and platforms
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Business Outreach Strategies
  • New Online Business Development
  • Effective Presentation Skills

Who We Are

Diaspora Chiefs is a dynamic digital media strategist and an exceptional podcast with a unique combination of resources, expert advice and know-how that’s focused on helping African and Caribbean entrepreneurs and executives, understand the digital trends and opportunities in key industries and what it means to create an online business and live the digital life. We’re focused on the rise of helping the Africans and Caribbean that’s beyond the world and going build a digital business the right way.

Using our Syndicated Podcast, Diaspora Chief’s amplifies digital opportunities and stories of African and Caribbean entrepreneurs, who are leveraging technology and innovative thinking, to launch all kinds of digital businesses.

As a comprehensive Digital Media strategist and Tech focused event producer headquartered in Laurels, Whalebone Lane, South London, Diaspora Chief’s commits on improving the lives of African Diasporas by providing smarter ways to generate income online and live a profitable digital live style; creating significant success in our own country and position us better in the Global Digital Economy. Diaspora Chief’s lets you find and listen to new and exciting podcasts from all over the world directly in your browser or phone.

Our Story

Diaspora Chiefs and Diaspora Chiefs Podcasts are owned by ‘One Access Media’. This great innovation started as an idea; a vision, a mental picture of what we aspire to achieve and was founded first as a passion project by Victor Osioh, a multiple award-winning tech maven, entrepreneur, super-connector, digital media strategist and speaker. Then it gained momentum and grew over the years into an ecosystem of knowledge, networks, communities and services focused on helping African Diasporas and entrepreneur’s to utilize the full advantage of the digital trends and opportunities in Digital World; making the vision a reality.

Vision & Goal

We are very passionate about technology, innovation entrepreneurship and how Africans and Caribbean’s is leveraging it all, our goal is to impact 10’s of millions of entrepreneurs every single week and inspire African Diasporas with our insights to acquire success in the Global Digital Economy.

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