From Kitchen Table to Global Markets wt Mahawa Kamara DC015

From Kitchen Table to Global Markets wt Mahawa Kamara DC015

Mahawa Kamara

Founder & CEO 

The Soap Connoisseur

She started while on maternity as a social worker on her kitchen table to launch a premium skincare brand out of her personal frustration of searching for the perfect skin product for her newborn daughter and 5 years later, her products are being exhibited at the world-famous Olympia Beauty Uk show. 

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She also runs Mahawa Kamara Consultancy is a business design and development agency that equips Entrepreneurs, business owners and Corporations to design and build exceptional businesses that honour’s God and serves people.

It is her aim to impact the business environment with the required tools to build a sustainable, legacy and transformational businesses that propel the kingdom of God forward.


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