How I Am Adapting From Events Cancellations wt Hanan DE038

How I Am Adapting From Events Cancellations wt Hanan DE038

Hanan Atmani

International Achievers Awards Winner for the Best Events Organiser, a young entrepreneur CEO & Founder of A Chain Of Events Ltd.

A Chain Of Events has been in the market for more than ten years delivering exceptional events, She has expanded her business internationally. One of her major achievements is winning the International Achievers Awards 2018 for the Best Events Organiser. Her events world is a little more modest and is routed towards the other end of the event planning spectrum.

I specialise in helping and supporting businesses and individuals on how to run a successful and profitable event or how you can take an idea and turn it into a successful and memorable event.

On this episode she discussed:

  • How she’s coping with the crisis 
  • Her dealing with cancelled events
  • Her digital transition move
  • The 7 steps to planning successful events 

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