How Responsibility Set Me Free wt Victor Osioh DE050

How Responsibility Set Me Free wt Victor Osioh DE050

On this episode, i spoke about the 2 ATTITUDES that has the power to change our lives instantly – Responsibility & Blame

Many people, when they hear the word Responsibility, immediately associate it with burden or having to carry a load. Ironically, it is exactly the opposite. Responsibility leads to Freedom.
When i took on these perspectives that created a situation, you can change or optimize it.
With this realization comes a feeling of power and freedom.

However, if you take on the perspective that someone or something else caused the situation, then you have NO ability to change it and you are left feeling powerless and resentful.

When we are blaming someone or something else, we are actually giving our power away and putting ourselves in the position of being a victim.

You see, if every situation is completely the fault of someone or something else, then our hands are bound.
We have no choice but to accept it.

When we choose to blame, we choose burden.
If, however, we decide that every situation is something that we created, then we are back in control.

I made a choice a few years ago, which tore my family apart for over 3 years and I made a conscious decision to make amends and take full responsibility for my actions and today we are better than ever.

I could start blaming everyone else for my family breaking apart. We can make choices, which will change or at least modify the situation. When we choose to take responsibility, we choose freedom.

Responsibility = Freedom + Empowerment
Blame = Loss of Freedom + Disempowerment

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