How To Restart Your Life wt Julie Syl Kalungi DC028

How To Restart Your Life wt Julie Syl Kalungi DC028

Julie Syl Kalungi 

COO – Kalungi Group UK

International Best selling Author


  • Trainer and mentor for home-based business entrepreneurs
  • Creators of “The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map,” “The Ultimate Lead Grabbing Sales Letter Guide”
  • Dedicated parents who love having plenty of time to spend with their children?

Yes. All that and she feels so blessed to serve.

Julie Syl is a world-class expert at teaching entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, and mentors the exact strategies to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that are built around their top priorities.

She’s a firm believer that one of the biggest benefits of running your own business is that it allows you the freedom and flexibility for what’s most important to you!

That’s why she’s dedicated to training her clients in the fastest and most strategic methods in business building – those that produce BIG results quickly and consistently. for more info check out The Kalungi Group

Enjoy this wonderful conversation with Julie and I.

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