Recognise Your Limits Beliefs wt Victor Osioh DE046

Recognise Your Limits Beliefs wt Victor Osioh DE046

Recognise Your Limiting Beliefs

The three most common areas of limiting beliefs center on issues of Discouragement   helplessness and worthlessness. These three areas of belief can exert a great deal of influence with respect to a person’s mental and physical health.

  • Discouragement occurs when someone does not believe a particular desired goal is even possible. State of being Hopelessness It is characterized by a sense that, “No matter what I do it won’t make a difference. What I want is not possible to get. It’s out of my control. I’m a victim.”
  • Felling Incompetent these occurs when, even though he or she believes that the outcome exists and is possible to achieve, a person does not believe that he or she is capable of attaining it. State of being Helplessness It produces a sense that, “It’s possible for others to achieve this goal but not for me. I’m not good enough or capable enough to accomplish it.”
  • Feeling Unimportant it occurs when, even though a person may believe that the desired goal is possible and that he or she even has the capability to accomplish it, that individual believes that he or she doesn’t deserve to get what he/she wants.  

State of being Worthlessness It is often characterized by a sense that, “I am a fake. I don’t belong. I don’t deserve to be happy or healthy. There is something basically and fundamentally wrong with me as a person and I deserve the pain and suffering that I am experiencing.”

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